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Server computer Desktop Version

Post by Thomas on Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:37 pm

Our default server computer cost £990.55 with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition
Our default server computer cost £535.55 without Microsoft Windows Server 2010 Standard Edition

We recommend you order with Windows server but its not required. Make sure you know what your doing if you order without a server Operating System.

Whats inside it?
-ASRock H87WS-DL Server Board
-Intel i3 Dual Core
-HyperX FURY x2 4GB DDR3 RAM
-Western Digital 1TB HDD
-Corsair RM650X 650w
-Starech Dual Port PCI
-Windows server 2012 (optional)

go over to our site to get more information on how to buy one of our computers
Somerset Pc's website:

Here's what it looks like


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